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Sign up as a juror for legal focus groups and summary trials.  Earn additional money listening to real legal cases and deciding the issues like you would if called to jury service.  If selected, you will hear summary presentations by skilled attorneys about both sides of a case.  Sessions typically last six to eight hours and are held on a weekend, weeknight after work, or sometimes weekday.

Your thoughts and decisions matter.  In some cases, your decisions and recommendations may lead to resolution of the case.  Apply now so you are eligible to work on cases coming to your area.  Complete the form below and submit it.  We want to hear from you.

To be eligible to serve, you must complete all fields below. Please type your answer or click on an option. We will keep your information confidential.  If you are being considered for a project, we will contact you to follow up. By enrolling here, you become a candidate for participation in a focus group or summary trial.  We cannot guarantee you will be called or asked to serve.

If asked to serve, you will be paid immediately upon completion of the project.  Payment varies by project; you will typically be paid at least $100 for your time.



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All fields are required. Please type your answer or click on an option. We will keep your information confidential. When selected for a study, we will contact you with the login information required to participate in that jury.

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If you are having technical problems, please email: info@jurysignup.com.  If you successfully complete the form, there is no need to follow up further.  We will call you.